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Johnny and the Rooks is some good old fashion rockabilly blues, courtesy the demented minds of Leal and Miroslav. Blending Rock, Alternative, Folk, Funk, & A soulful, 50's sound with roots going all the way back to the Mississippi Delta. 

Lurid Lucid Is a sometimes soothing, sometimes ominous. Bringing drone and ambient soundscapes to the ears of the stoned masses 

DeadNation is brutality and psychosis in sonic form. John Balz recruited Leal to help deliver the distorted and twisted vocals typical of DN's Industrial meat-grinding metal.

Castle of Sin the product of Leal and his old friend Leif. Even more Industrial than Grainshifter, you won't hear much guitar or bass, unless of course it was provided by Arcontas or Miroslav.

Phukt is fucked up, period. Devastatingly heavy, Mark Ebbers and his down-tuned axe bash your face in while his and Leal's throats bleeds your soul dry. Arcontas also lent his shred skills on a track, And help mix another track.

The Radio Creeps are a gothy bunch of misfits that have played many shows with GS, so when they sent out the call for a keyboard player, Noel stepped up to the plate. Leal might get on stage for a song or two as well.

MiPi, which is shorthand for Music Illuminates People Inside, is the brainchild of one Myrrick Liontonia. Noel lends his guitar skills, and some backup vocals from time to time. Leal may have also helped on a remix or two.