Leal is a one of a kind frontman. A seasoned veteran of the rock style, a rabble-rouser, an outcast rumored to be into dark magic but also a wonderful human being and a lover of animals. He has spent the last 10 years engrossed in all facets of music and broadcasting, hanging out and interviewing bands, writing and recording. All while living a party lifestyle.

Maker of things and player of Bass. Raised in a government lab, and trained in the ancient ways of craftsmen, Miro is constantly working on new instruments made from recycled materials. He carries his favorite home-made Acid Bass with him everywhere he goes, and it always attracts attention.

Noel Divad

A 4th generation guitarist of Cuban descent, the six string is in his blood. However, he also dabbles in everything from harmonica to cello, piano to violin. Self taught, Noel was previously a member of several bands in the North Carolina and Virginia area before joining up with Grainshifter. 


​Also known as Shy the Spider, he is a master of digital signal processing and sound design. He has collected a wide assortment of synths throughout the years and studies sound synthesis in its various forms in his free time. More of a studio member, Shaikat's strengths lie in creating layered sonic textures and syncopated synth lines. He is known to be reclusive but is integral to the electronic aesthetic of Grainshifter. 


​​He plays guitar like a bat out of hell and makes Van Halen look like a pansy. Seriously. Also trained in studio engineering, Arc knows his way around both a synthesizer and a mixing console.

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Leal Knowone

Drummer and explorer of the world. a born and bred hippie whose only true passion in life is following Primus on tour. A criminal psychologist by trade, he spends his time on good girls and underage whiskey.